First Steps

IOS app that helps first-time parents track different metrics with regard to their infant and warning them of potential risks of which they might not be aware.

A client requested that I create a UI concept design and the branding for a mobile application that allows new parents to track their baby's growth and habits on a daily basis. Users are alerted of anything that could possibly be considered abnormal with their baby's habits.

The app allows input from multiple sources and easily displays all that information to users. It also needed to track the baby's information and show growth over time. Also, it would alert the users of any abnormal growth patterns.

Starting with the branding, I created a name and logo matching the desired requirements for the application. I established a gender neutral color scheme that would carry throughout all designs. I then started a wireframe design and was able to map out the user-flow of the application and create all the screens/inputs needed for all data capture. Continuing onto the final designs, I carried the branding throughout the project and created the final pixel-perfect design required for the project.

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